June 30, 2008

What Corvette model are you most interested in?

Hello all,
You may noticed, that I've finish conducting a survey "What Corvette model are you most interested in?" Here are the results: Corvette survey resultsIt might be easier to sort it out from this table:

Corvette ZR1
20 (34%)
Corvette C7
15 (25%)

Corvette Z06
13 (22%)
Corvette C6
11 (18%)

Corvette C3
10 (17%)
Corvette C4
9 (15%)
Corvette C2
5 (8%)
Corvette C1
5 (8%)

I'm writing this Corvette blog for your, my dear readers, and for my sincere satisfaction, of course. This survey will help me to choose topics of my further blogging.
From the poll it is clear that brand new Corvette ZR1 is the most intriguing for people interested in Corvettes.
I'm very thankful for all of you who answered. Please, feel free to leave your wishes or suggestions in comments, or you can send them to my email address:

1 comment:

radhoo said...

I choose Corvette ZR1. I think it will be the a super car with that LS6 engine. Even Tom Wallace, from Performance Cars said that it will beat the Ferrari F430... so I guess it worths $130.000...